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So I just realized dollsahoy tagged me to post five random things about myself. An honor. o:

1. I can blow air out of my right eyeball.
2. I’ll do any chore except take out the trash. Bleh.
3. When I was about 9 I realized that if someone had like a million tiny cameras and tiny video screens and sewed them into a suit, that if the cameras in back would project in front and vice-versa, the person would be invisible. Then I saw someone on the Discovery Channel when I was 12 who had essentially the same idea and I was annoyed.
4. 我知道一点儿中国。
5. I’ve spent the past week or so watching medical mystery documentaries on YouTube. Did you know that Maple Syrup Urine Disease is a real and serious thing?

Sooo… Now I tag lps-collector, icesapphireserpent, slim—veganbones, metallic-raven, mayor-dom, and shark-prince. ^^ Go forth. Share about yerselves.


they are making a canonically disabled character. she is a beautiful pastel pirate with a prosthetic leg. think how much this is going to mean to little disabled kids playing with these dolls. idk, I kind of want to cry bc I think that’s so amazing. good on you, mh.